Electrical Lab Testing Equipment

We are a leading corporation for Electrical Lab Testing Equipment Manufacturer. We provide a wide range of instruments like as Central Control Panels, Cut Models Of Machines, Electric Loads, Electric Motors, Electrical Drive Lab Equipment, Experimental Setup Panel Boards, Generators, MG Set Lab Equipment and Testing Transformers etc.

Our electrical testing lab equipments are the trade mark of high quality standard, meeting the need of customer satisfaction. We have over 61 years of experience in manufacturing of top quality, long lasting durable teaching products. We export the full range of Electrical Lab testing instruments over the world wide.

You can easily get your equipments through an easy process. Firstly send your specifications by sending us a mail. After receiving a mail we will contact on the mentioned phone number. You may also join us on facebook, twitter as well Google+.

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If you are a college or university looking to setup a complete lab. Please contact us with your details for custom quotation.

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