Measurement Meters

Atico Export provides Measuring instruments which is a device for measuring a physical quantity, are useful tools in the physical sciences, quality assurance, and engineering purpose. They measure and compare the activity of physical objects of real-world.  They can be simple, like rulers, or complex.

We manufacturer nephelometer in our firm that is used for measuring concentration of suspended particulates in a liquid or gas colloid. In other words we can say that a nephelometer measures suspended particulates by employing a light beam and a light detector set to one of the source beam. We build these measurement devices on special order also for school, colleges, or industrial demands and deliver the quality product in the provided time frame. Our experienced and well trained professionals export all kind of laboratory purpose equipment and instrument in all over the world.

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If you are a college or university looking to setup a complete lab. Please contact us with your details for custom quotation.

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