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Atico Export assists as a leading manufacturer of Research Lab Equipment. Our brand Atico has become the number one choice of a huge number of clients. High quality of science equipments is supplied by us on cost efficient price.
We branch out over the 30 worldwide countries in order to get the large number of clients. We have also honed the supplies of eminent products in domestic market also. We never digress for the qualities of our products. We assist the people for supply of all kind of Research Lab instruments. Our Research Lab Instruments comprises of Micro Kjeldahl, Flame Photometer, Laboratory Freezer, Lab Refrigerator, Heavy Duty Balance and many more. Here we have described the complete details for it.
We offer the export system to keep all things in mind about customer satisfaction. Aspiring clients can get their products based on their requirement which are suitable to them. To cater the further needs which are warranty as well as guarantee, we also offer our services. in international as well as domestic market Atico is full-service solution provider that’s why we are a popular supplier among the people.
Universities, Schools as well as for big or small industries and research centers all type of lab equipments we manufactures and supplies. Enormous prospect have fully trust in our products for appropriate instruments if they are aspiring to set up a lab.
We have given all the products name comes under Research category above and also further details regarding their quality is also mentioned in a proper way. It is an easy task to get your products, you just need to send your query or you can email us and mention your specifications. After checking your requirements and specifications we contact you and provide your products within a short period.

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If you are a college or university looking to setup a complete lab. Please contact us with your details for custom quotation.

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