Oil Cooled Transformer

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Oil Cooled Transformer

Product Code: TT002

Oil Cooled Transformer Manufacturer


  • Copper coils are wounded with perfect tappings on the both secondary and primary sides
  • Air cooled transformer made up of grade laminated core of silicon stamping used.
  • Terminals insulated for both primary and secondary with properly marked
  • Facility of outlets and inlets with stop-cocks
  • For transformer cooling perfect fins are equipped in oil cooling type
  • MS powder box in housed transformer to prevent from rust
  • For the high insulation strength, primary and secondary coils are impregnated in vacuum

Available Ratings

  • 1KVA/ 2KVA/ 3KVA/5KVA upto15kva with voltage ratio 415/415v or 415/215v or as per requirements.
  • Perfect type of oil/air cooled type  of transformer basically used for various experiments:
  • In order to known its efficiency and parameters of its same circuits sumpner back to back tests are  performed
  • In order to known its efficiency and parameters of its same circuits QC and SC tests are conducted on 3 phase transformers.
  • To study the performance of 3-phase transformer for its various connections, i.e. delta/ delta-star star-star /star-and delta-delta and find the magnitude of 3rd harmonic current.
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