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We’ve been able to work for more than 6 decades in this market so with Atico Export, you can be assured that you are with Good and reliable company. (more…)

Lab Instruments Supplier

Atico Export being best Lab Instruments Supplier offers the entire range of science equipment.

We are renowned among 30 worldwide countries and empowered with high-tech tools and technology. Atico provides a supreme quality of science products and grasp a position which is incomparable to others.

We list all the variety of specific instruments and clients get his requirement in cost efficient price. To fulfill the variegated needs of our customers, Atico is considered to be a leader in Scientific Industries as no other everyone else. Subsequently, we also provide maintenance services which are much friendly for our clients.

We always get the positive response after the year of its establishment. We have featured all the services in a clear base. Clients are invited to contact us. Contact Us details are available on the website of our company.

Optical Lab Equipment List|Manufacturer and Suppliers

Optical Lab Equipment List

Optical devices are used to enhance images by processing light waves. In physics, we use optical instruments to create large and sharp images to see details of any object. Telescope and Microscopes are most important optical equipments which are widely used in laboratories. Here we are describing Optical Lab Equipment List.

  • Spectrometer
  • Microscopes
  • Polarimeter
  • Joly photometer
  • Convex and concave mirror
  • Spherometer
  • optical bench
  • pinhole camera


The basic function of a spectrometer is to take light from source which illuminates the slit. The illuminating slit then produces a light wave that goes through a prism and is later received at eyepiece end for examination.


Microscopes are used to magnify small objects that are invisible to human eyes such as plant cells and minerals etc. Microscopes can be with or without light source. Some of the types are elementary, research, student and metallurgical etc.


A polarimeter is a device used to measure the optical activities of light when it passes through a fluid. Mainly, it measures the rotation of polarized light.

Joly photometer:

It is made of two paraffin wax blocks placed to a distance and separated by an opaque sheet. It is used to illuminate the room equally.

Convex and Concave Mirrors

These mirror are also called curved mirrors because of their curved surface. They reflect light at a particular angle depending upon their types. Convex Mirror and concave mirror have spherical surface.

Convex mirror reflects the light from the outer area of the curvature while concave mirrors reflect light from inner area or interior of the curvature.


A spherometer is a device which is used to measure curvature of a spherical surface.

Optical bench:

Optical bench is laboratory equipment which is used to demonstrate the involving optics and light. It has rigid beam with light source, mirror and observing eyepiece.

Pinhole camera:

A pinhole camera is another optical instrument which is nothing but the simplest possible form of a camera. It has a lightproof box with a pinhole. It works on a principle of, when light passes through the pinhole it forms an inverted image of the object on opposite wall inside the box.

Best Microscope Manufacturer India | Bulk Suppliers| Atico Export

We stoke the entire range of Microscopes. Atico Export provides the best quality microscopes following the other services like safety, reliability and long lasting.

Our range of best microscopes includes Compound, Stereo, Homeschool and Digital Microscopes etc. The entire list is mentioned below:

  • Binocular
  • Elementary
  • Fluorescence
  • Laboratory
  • Metallurgical
  • Microscope Accessories
  • Projection
  • Research
  • Stereo
  • Student
  • Telescope

Our brand Atico, labeled for all microscopes is most popular brand worldwide.

Binocular Microscope:

Binocular Microscope is used to view the tissues and observed the cells. It has two eye lenses. Its vast majority of Units are being sold in the 30 world wide countries.

Stereo microscopes:

It displays the three dimensional stereo images. This product is available to sell in bulk.


For this type of Microscope you can contact us or email us at Projection Microscope is the available in best quality at our Atico House.

Research Microscope:

Clients, who are willing to get Research Microscope for their Research Lab, We have bulk for the supreme quality of the same.


It collects the light and uses the cameras to record sights. It is composed of superior quality lenses and mirrors. These types of Microscopes are used to collect information on the stars, sun and supernovas.

Microscope Manufacturer:

If you are looking for the best quality Lab Microscopes then contact us. Being a best manufacturer, we supply bulk in Microscopes.

School Science Lab Equipment Manufacturer

Atico Export provides a wide range of School Science Lab Equipments. For technology development, scientific lab supplies play a key role to sustain the growth. Our skilled professionals having diverse experience manufacture the best quality products. To meet the overwhelming demand of precise results, we are a segregated firm as manufacturer of School Science Lab Equipment.
We inspect the highest quality Scientific Lab Instruments under the spirit of old world craftsmanship. We are the provider of new innovations and techniques of best design and best quality of Scientific Laboratory Supplies.
Our products have a longer functional life and made by high-tech tools. Atico Export , a School Science Lab Equipment Manufacturer and Supplier offers the quality and cost efficient products. We are inviting all our clients who have requirement of entire science labs of physics lab supplies, Chemistry and Biology. We have an entire range of High School Science Kits.

High School Science Lab Equipment Manufacturer

Atico Export is the big manufacturing enterprise for High School Science Lab Equipments.
We manufacture the brand which is the requirements of all reputed colleges, schools and Scientific Industries. We use the latest technology to produce the superior quality products. We tailor a popular range of Science Lab Supplies In India.
We distribute our product in national and also international level. To all IITs and NITs we supply the Science lab Instruments.

Science Educational Kits

We are manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Educational lab Kits. As we know, study cannot be learned clearly without experiments. So, to understand the theory of different experiment of physics, chemistry, biology and Mathematics, we provide you supreme science experiment products.
To pass with flying colors, it is essential to have good marks in all experiments. For practical, it is required to have best quality Laboratory educational kits so that you can do experiments correctly.
If you are searching for the biggest manufacturers and suppliers of Scientific educational kits then here we are to serve you as Atico Export offers High School Science Kits Manufacturer at less prices.

School Laboratory Equipment List

Hey Guys! Are you looking for setting up a lab. If you are going to do so for your college, school, universities or any industry, then we are the first one who can provide you the entire list of School Laboratory Equipment.

You do not need to go here and there just call to Atico Export. Our suppliers will contact you and provide you the best quality products within the promised time frame. We are the firm which is most trusted and popular for its best quality.

We are exporter, traders, manufacturers and suppliers of School Laboratory Equipment in 30 countries and aimed to grow in 120 countries worldwide.

High school science lab supplies

We are the provider of the world’s best quality of High school science lab supplies. ATICO brand is most reliable among a huge number of clients. We are leading supplier of High School Lab supplies in 30 different countries.
We supply the entire range of Lab Microscope worldwide. Our suppliers deliver all the materials within a short period.
We are provider of science lab microscopes worldwide. We have the entire range of Microscopes for labs. We are one stop company availing a wide range of Lab products. Our range of Lab Supplies includes Laboratory include all physics lab, chemistry lab, biology lab etc.

Best Lab Suppliers In India

We are Best Lab Suppliers In India and provides the best quality materials of Science instruments.
Being a client-centered enterprise, we provide all the services impactfully. Our seamless integration of the entire range of scientific instruments is incomparable. We spread our business through online mode. We provide all products as required within the promised time frame. Now based on our high-tech tools and technology, we are one of the best manufacturers in India and also in 30 worldwide countries.

Lab Equipment Dealers in Ambala

We are Lab Equipment Dealers in Ambala and offers the high-quality Science products. We are highly reputed in the science market who have a huge list of clients in International market.
Being a trustworthy organization, we achieve highest ISO certificates. We have more than 300 employees, which provide fast delivery and other services to clients.
Not only the suppliers and dealers, we also manufacture the best quality products which are incomparable to others.

Science Educational Kits| Manufacturer and Suppliers

Science Educational Kits:

To make science fun, here we have thousands of Science Educational Kits. Clients who have requirements of best quality kits they are invited to contact Atico Export.

We believe to provide the supreme quality at low prices. We are the highest selling enterprise which offers the entire range of science laboratory kits.

We are the provider of perfect services and innovative products. To test the product’s durability and quality, we test each part individually.

We refine the science lab instruments continuously. To meet the need of different experiments we supply over 97000 products.

Physics Lab Supplies| Equipment Manufacturer and Supplier

We are manufacturers of superior Physics Lab Supplies. Eminence of our company is based on its quality products and also less price. We are proficient in manufacturing of Physics Lab instruments.

After completing more than 60 years of success we keep an eye on the entire international market. Being dedicated, we have cornered the market of Pakistan, Ethiopia, Dubai, Srilanka, Australia and many other big countries.

We are not only the manufacturers but also the traders, exporters and suppliers. To enable and stimulate the growth, we continue to innovate the best quality.

We grasp the market of physics lab educational equipment and instruments and offers the brand ATICO worldwide.

Scientific Laboratory Supplies

We are the leading provider of Scientific Laboratory Supplies. Atico Export is one of the biggest enterprise which provides the best quality science lab equipments. All scientific instrument search end here as we offer the entire range of products for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mechanical and Chemical Engineering.
We are a team of the best manufacturers and suppliers who have in-depth knowledge of quality-driven products. Within a few decades, we have captured the international market successfully.
All categories of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Labs are available at Atico House.
Willing aspirants are invited to send us an email. We have also mentioned the contact number on the home page of our website.

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