Consumer Electronics Trainers

Consumer Electronics Trainers are basically the electronics or digital devices or equipment that are used in our day today life and often available in our houses like: CD/VCD Player, Colour TV, Washing Machine, Mobile Phone, FM Radio, Refrigeration system. These discrete device or physical entity in an electronic system used is mainly used for entertainment purposes.

Main consumer electronics products that is manufacturer in our firm are: Load Cell Demonstrator, EPABX Trainer, Stereo Tape Recorder Trainer, SMD Technology Kit, ATM Demonstrator, RFID Trainer, Frequency Counter Trainer, UPS Trainer, SMPS Trainer, Power Supply Trainer, Oscilloscope Demonstrator Trainer, Trainer, Multimedia Computer Trainer, Trainer, PA ( Public Address ) System Trainer, Telephone Trainer, Facsimile Dynamic Demonstrator etc. Atico team serves these instruments in national and international science market.

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