Mechanical Engineering

Atico is the enthusiastic and eminent industrialist and dealer of so many Technical Educational Equipment like Mechanical Engineering and further ahead. Our products sound in entire world for their better standard resources. We are constructing the goods for great eminence.

We are dealing in many lab equipment of Mechanical Engineering. This class includes Water Hammer Demonstration Unit, Center of pressure Apparatus, Falling Sphere Viscometer, Capillary Tube Viscometer, Flow Visualization Wind Tunnel, Wind Tunnel for boundary Layer Experiments, Subsonic Suction Wind Tunnel, Universal Testing Machine 50KN, Digital Torsion Testing Machine, Strain Bridge, Stressmaster Polariscope, Experimental and Demonstration Polariscope, Friction Apparatus and further category produces of equivalent standard.

Atico Export is the prominent manufacturer and supplier growing irresistibly. We have grabbed so many trustable clients and target the whole world from now. To get detailed view of this kind of products, you can go ahead with this page.

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