Lab Test Chambers

Test Chambers are a vital part of the Research and Science Laboratory Enrichment Center. There are hundreds and more test chambers which can be easily reconfigured and recycled to form another new test chamber. These lab test chambers are resemblance to a hospital with its sterile environment because Environmental tests are used to verify a piece of equipment can withstand the rigors of harsh. These are basically used to analysis and control Temperature, Altitude, and Humidity Chambers

Atico Export provide the climatic chambers are ideal for use in materials, electronic components and sub-components stress testing that required for environmental conditions to ensure quality assurance of various lab stress testing applications including temperature, vibration and humidity chambers.

We manufacturers of custom environmental chambers and standard environmental chambers and test equipment for laboratory, product testing, manufacturing testing applications.  The A wide collection of products: Seed Storage Cabinet Seed Germinator Dual Chamber, Temperature Humidity Control Cabinets, Lab Equipment Exporter, Industrial Drying Oven, Environmental Test Chamber etc.

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