Panel For Testing Of Buchloz Relay Setup

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Panel For Testing Of Buchloz Relay Setup

Product Code: ELE003

Panel For Testing Of Buchloz Relay Setup Manufacturer

Panel for Testing of Buchloz Relays are one of the most sold assortments of our electrical lab equipments. These relays are manufactured using high-quality raw materials as per international standards. These panels are used mostly to test the Buchloz Relays for the durable performance without any fault. The main function of these relays is to detect an abnormal condition in the tank itself only and to the alarm trip signal. Our clients can avail these panels in various sizes and grades as per their requirements at reasonable prices.


  • Digital A.C. Ammeter and Digital A.C. Voltmeter.
  • Relay with gas compressor available
  • Inbuilt indicator of power on and trip indicator
  • Gas Actuated Buchloz relay.
  • Both protection circuit and control circuit are in built and duly wired
  • To perform the experiments the necessary patch chords and terminals are required for the relay.
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