Material Testing Equipment

Atico Export is providing the world’s grandest products built by using the excellent quality raw materials. Material Testing Lab Equipment is one of the fine instruments of Testing Lab Machines. These categories are supplying and exporting all around the world over high speed. We have made very strong connections all around in India and in Abroad as well as. We became a trustable producer and manufacturer.

Material Testing System consists a wide range of equipment for supply, some of them are listed as follows: Vaccum Degassing Oven, Servo-Pneumatic Asphalt Testing System, Rolling Thin Film Oven, Resilient Modulus and Asphalt Testing System, Pressure Aging Vessel, Hamburg Wheel-Tracking Tester, Dynamic Loading System, Automatic Marshall Compactor with Rotating Base, Automatic Asphalt Content Tester, Tensile Strength Tester, Digital Impact Test Machine, Asphalt Coring Machine, Analog Tensile Testing Machine, Pendulum Impact Testing Machine, Impact Testing Machine (Izod & Charpy), Plate Load Test Apparatus and so many of the same kind of Material Testing Lab instruments.

Now a days, In Laboratory Equipment and Instruments, Atico Exports sound much higher than others because of its standard quality products. If you are thinking about the purchasing of goods for practical usage, then you can easily find us. You just have to visit our website. For the detailed view of supplies with specification, spool down the page and check for your requirement.

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