Sectional Front View Of DC Motor

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Sectional Front View Of DC Motor

Product Code: CMM003

Sectional Front View Of DC Motor Manufacturer

In accordance with the clear cut view of the working of DC motors, we present the Sectional Front View of DC Motors for our valuable clients. These motors are fitted with various types of components which lead to its functioning. Following are the components like carbon bushes, commutators, carbon holder, connection box on the body, rocker arm fitted inside for its functioning. Apart from these, some of the components like Bearings, End shield cover, Shaft, Field coil, Cooling fan,  Main poles, Body frame, Armature winding and Rigid channel frame are the main sectional parts of DC motors for reliable performance. Our clients can easily have the sectional front view for the various requirements like in colleges for projects, seminars, customer view and others.


  • High quality components
  • Durable
  • Low maintenance


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