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Atico expert is a Testing Lab Equipment Manufacturer of unique brand and eminent quality. Our peerless products have become the necessity of all universities, schools as well as universities and industries globally.
We are suppliers of Testing Equipment, universal testing machines in India. We offers global range of testing machines including torsion, tensile, civil engineering, bitumen testing, asphalt, cement, soil, material and sand, mechanical, electrical engineering, paper, pulp, card, Spring and Fatigue etc.
You can get our ultimate and surpassing instruments through online mode. Atico’s exporters provide the unbeatable range of equipments by considering the customer satisfaction. We endeavor testing lab instruments within short period after receiving the order. We are Testing Lab Equipment Suppliers from more than 60 years successfully and perceiving a commendable response from huge range of consumers all over the world.

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If you are a college or university looking to setup a complete lab. Please contact us with your details for custom quotation.

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