A.C Alternator And Synchronous Generator

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A.C Alternator And Synchronous Generator

Product Code: ELG002

A.C Alternator And Synchronous Generator Manufacturer

We are one of the reputed A.C Alternator or  Generator suppliers and manufacturers from India. These alternators are manufactured using the high-quality raw materials ensuring the durability, reliability, high tensile strength and resistance to corrosion. Our Generators are accurately designed by our skilled engineers in order to meet the specific client’s requirements. These alternators are appreciated for their maintenance free performance, durable service, high strength and compact design.


  • D.C Motor coupled with A.C Alternator (Non Salient pole or Rotating arm type)
  • Bearings available in large size for trouble free and longer life operations
  • Permeability steel in high quality used to make outer yokes.
  • For the non stop performance, the perfect quality copper conductors of insulated materials are used
  • In order to have low noise we designed these in Tilted construction rotors with exact balance.
  • Non salient type and fixed pole type revolving armatures
  • To avoid any sort of mishap during operations, special guards are fitted on the couplings.

Available ratings: 1phase/3phase at 0.8P.F

  • D.C Motor Shunt/Compound 5HP Coupled with A.C Alternator 3KVA (Separately of self Excited)
  • D.C Motor Shunt/Compound 2HP coupled with A.C Alternator 1KVA (Separately or self Excited)
  • D.C Motor Shunt/Compound 3HP coupled with A.C Alternator 1.5KVA (Separately of self Excited)
  • The D.C motor fixed with alternator can be used for following experiments.
  • To measure the zero and negative sequence reaction of synchronous machines.
  • To measure the quadrature axis and direct axis reaction of an alternator.
  • To measure the quadrature and sub transient direct axis reactio0n of salient pole machines.
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