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MG Set For A/C Lab

Product Code: MSL001

MG Set Lab Equipment Manufacturer

D.C. Motor coupled with A.C. Alternator (Rotating arm type or Salient pole type)

Features:-MG Set Lab Equipment

  • Outer yoke made up of High permeability steel.
  • Larger size of bearings for longer life and trouble free operations.
  • Suitable copper conductor with best quality insulated material used to give continuous duty.
  • Skewed Rotor construction with dynamically balance ensuring low noise.
  • Vacuum pressure impregnation for armature and field windings ensuring high in sulation strength.
  • Revolving Armature-Fixed Pole type or Salient pole Type.
  • Voltage regulation within limit as per ISS.
  • Special guard also provided on the coupling to avoid any mishappening during operation.
  • Ratings Available both in 1phase/3phase at 0.8 P.F.

This special type of D.C. Motor coupled with alternator non salient pole type can be used for following experiments:-

  • To measure negative sequence & zero sequence reactance of Synchronous machines.
  • To determine the direct axis (Xd”) and quadrature axis reactance’s (Xq”) of an Alternator.
  • To determine the sub transient direct axis (Xd”) and quadrature axis reactance’s (Xq”) of Salient pole


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