Tournesol Photovoltaic Panel

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Tournesol Photovoltaic Panel


The wind, the sun, the tides or the biomass are emergent ways to answer to these future fears. TOURNESOL is a training unit for the energetic exploitation of the sun.
The recovered energy must be exploitable and storable. Panels with photovoltaic cells allow this transformation. TOURNESOL transforms the solar energy in electric energy and stock it in batteries.

TOURNESOL allows to provide:

A power of 1500 W for an electric motor
A power of 3000 W for a lighting or a dead resistance.

Deltalab suggest ” users ” modules of this energy in the fields of :
Waters treatment (reverse osmosis, MP20 or MP21) ;
Water engineering (pumping station SHP400, pumps bench MP73) ;

Electro technology


Two solar photovoltaic panels facing to the sun transmit the electric current to a controller. The controller controls the current supplied (I and U) according to the loading state of the batteries, and adapt the tension U and its load sequences according to the consumption. The tension of the batteries 24V is converted in 230 V by the inverter.
A panels controller allows to measure the current and tension transmitted by the two panels (I and U).
A battery controller allows to measure the loading state of the batteries or the energy supplying state to the load.
The battery energy indicator indicates the quantity of energy supplied to the user by the batteries according to their minimum load.
The mains supply energy indicator indicates the quantity of energy provided by the mains supply.

Teaching objectives

Analysis and study of the Industrial components (solar panels, batteries, controller, inverter).
Optimisation and influence of the different parameters. (Orientation of the panels, surface temperature of the panels, brightness, using hour, etc..)
Study of the efficiency (efficiency between known solar energy source, and the recovered energy)
Consumption report for a known load, BATTERIES/MAINS SUPPLY.

Technical specifications

Power :

  • 2 monocrystal photovoltaic panels mounted in series, 130 Wc each, 12V
  • 1 controller 12/24V 20A with crepuscular detection.
  • 4 batteries; 12V 80Ah.
  • 1 Inverter 24/230V; 3300W.

Control and Safety :

  • 1 fuse holder
  • 1 battery isolation switch
  • 2 panels and batteries digital transmitters.
  • 1 electrical cabinet including :
  • Mains power supply
  • Batteries supply
  • Load departure
  • An automatic switch between mains supply or battery toward the load according to the minimal load of the batteries.
  • Two energy transmitters single phase 230V, indicating the energy consumed on the batteries or on the mains supply.
  • The components are fixed on a robust soldered frame equipped with four wheels. The position of the photovoltaic panels is adjustable. An angle protractor allows to visualize the angle of the panels.
  • A working desk receives the control components of the panels and the batteries. This one is protected by a transparent lid for a working outside of the laboratory.


  • Reverse osmosis units.
  • Pumping station units.

Dimensions and weight

  • L x W : 1570 x 1100 mm
  • Maximum high with the panels opened : 2020 mm
  • Panels closed : 1300 mm.
  • Weight : 150 kg


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