Emissions Treatment Pilot Unit

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Emissions Treatment Pilot Unit Manufacturer

Emissions Treatment Pilot Unit

Teaching objectives

  • Study of pressure drop in the waste gas circuit components.
  • Measuring filter efficiency and clogging as a function of dust particle size.
  • Measuring cyclone performance as a function of dust particle size, air flow and pressure drop.
  • Packed Tower scrubber analysis (NTU, HTU, K).
  • Column hydrodynamics.
  • Study of liquid waste neutralisation.
  • Measuring efficiency as a function of dust and acid gas concentration and smoke velocity

Technical specifications

Unit for study of filtration and cyclone separation.

  • Centrifugal blower
  • Air flowmeter
  • Pitot type with manometer
  • Dust injection system with flow control.
  • Cyclone in borosilicate glass, diameter 100 mm.
  • Filter box, with two drawers and a range of filters.
  • Two U-tube manometers for pressure loss measurements.
  • Sample of dust of mixed diameters

Dimensions and weight

  • 2 400 x 600 x 2 200 mm – 110 Kg

Essential requirements

  • Precision balance : 0.1g – 2kg
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Electricity : 220V, 2kW
  • Water, HCl gas, soda.
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