Drinking Water Pilot

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Product Code: APE016

Drinking Water Pilot Manufacturer

Drinking Water Pilot

Teaching objectives

  • Analysis with industrial sensors of chlorine, turbidity at the output of the decanter or filters, pH measurement.

Technical specifications

  • A turbidity sensor and transmitter.
  • Four solenoid valves.
  • Three tanks.
  • Three peristaltic pumps.
  • A stirrer.
  • Decanting tank adaptor for installing the turbidity sensor.
  • Adaptor at the base of the filtration column for the turbidity sensor.
  • Tank for treated product.
  • Alarms with two levels on high and low alarms.
  • Control panel with all controls.
  • Alarms with two levels on high and low alarms.


  • 4000 x 800 x 2000 mm

Essential requirements

  • Solution of CuSO4 10-3 M with lime (50 mg/l),
  • Sand bed : H = 60 cm – Int diam = 10 cm Granule size : 0.8 < d < 1 mm.
  • Flocculation – Decanting of CuSO4 with lime. Starch – FeCl3.
  • Power supply : 220 V / single phase / 50 Hz
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