Deferrisation Dechloration Desinfection Pilot

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Deferrisation Dechloration Desinfection Pilot Manufacturer

Deferrisation Dechloration Desinfection Pilot

Teaching objectives

  • To understand a de-ironing process with flocculation and/or oxidation according to the form of the iron present in water.
  • To understand the use of the active charcoal in order to dechlorinate water..
  • We will be able to treat the products coming out of the sand filter.
  • In option, the radiation U.V treatment device will be able to be used either only, either after the two columns, the sand filter alone or the biologic filter alone. This treatment act without addition of reagent and is interesting to know.

Technical specifications

  • A physical filtration column which can contain several types of granular materials (anthracite, calcareous, quartz).
  • A chemical filtration column on taining activated charcoal for dechlorination or activated charcoal for biologic reaction.
  • A centrifugal, auto-start feeding pump, a flowmeter and a diaphragm valve.
  • Three feeding and reception filtrate tanks (one is provided with a circulator).
  • A measuring pump for the measurement of the oxidising agent.
  • A measuring pump for the measurement of the flocculant agent.
  • Two manometers to visualize the clogging of the filters.
  • A control panel for the pumps and their motor safety devices, the chlorine transmitter-regulaton.
  • Stainless steel frame with aluminium nuts and PVC panel.
  • Technical manual in English

Option :

Treatment by UV including :

  • A sterilizer UVD 13.
  • Integration of the UV control device in the control cabinet


  • 2000 x 800 x 2100 mm

Essential requirements

  • Power supply : 220 V / single phase / 50 Hz
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