Automated And Supervised Activated Sludge Sewage Treatment Pilot Plant

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Automated And Supervised Activated Sludge Sewage Treatment Pilot Plant Manufacturer

Automated And Supervised Activated Sludge Sewage Treatment Pilot Plant

Teaching objectives

Observation of the efficiency of the process according to the variation of the following parameters :

  • Substrate flow
  • Sludge recirculation flow
  • Influence of dissolved oxygen concentration.
  • Air injection time.
  • Stirrer speed
  • Influence of pH and oxygen.
  • Effect of the temperature on the purification.
  • The state of the solenoid valves are controlled on the PC witch allow any action on the pilot according to the external instructions or the instructions transmitted by the sensors.
  • The values of the analyses carried out in laboratory (DCO, DBO, MVS etc….) could be set by the operator to be taken into account in the formulas of flow instructions.

Technical specifications

  • White polyethylene supply tank with cover.
  • Stainless steel circulator to maintain and stir the substrate.
  • Altuglass oxidization tank with cover.
  • Variable speed stirrer.
  • Air injection rod.
  • Ceramic diffuser.
  • Air pump.
  • One gas rotameter.
  • One turbine flowmeter.
  • Two peristaltic pumps to recycle the sludge and supply the substrate.
  • Altuglass sedimentation tank.
  • Collection tank for purified water.
  • Continuous dissolved oxygen measuring probe with transmitter-regulator. The air pump is regulated at this oxygen measurement.
  • Continuous pH measuring probe with transmitter complete with two alarms.
  • Two injection pump for acid and base regulated at pH measurement.
  • Two fixed flow peristaltic pumps
  • Temperature probe situated at the bottom of the oxidation tank with display on the switchboard.
  • Immersed heater to maintain the temperature for the micro-organism.
  • Control panel grouping the start/stop controls for the three pumps and their variators, circulator and stirrer. Two sequencing units are supplied to plan the working cycles of these elements. The board includes the oxygen probe transmitter, pH meter transmitter and the temperature display.
  • The panel also contains the PLC (Telemecanique TSX 37).
  • The unit is made of PVC and Altuglass on a stainless steel frame with aluminium nuts.
  • In automated functioning, the regulation function of the PLC is used.
  • With PC, and PCVue software the student controls and adjusts PH, O2, temperature control, speed of the pumps and agitators..
  • He can also check the level of feeding tank and open the solenoid valves.
  • A local/remote switch on the control panel allows selection of normal or automated functioning.

Equipment package:

  • Activated sludge sewage treatment pilot plant
  • Programmable PLC
  • Computer
  • Supervision software


  • 2 300 x 730 x 2 000 mm.

Essential requirements

  • Compressed air supply : 6 bars
  • Power supply : 220 V single phase, Consumption : less than 1 000 W

Recommeded products:

  • Activated sludge or enzymes
  • Characterized substrate
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