Aerobic Sludge Sewage Treatment Pilot

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Aerobic Sludge Sewage Treatment Pilot


The industrial pollutions, by their variety and significant increase in volume, in temperature and in toxicity, prevents all” auto-cleaning” of the different rivers; these waters are lifeless : the bacteria cannot develop themselves and the purification cannot in most of the cases achieve itself, because the biologic and chemical balances are broken.
The industrial scientific research turned toward the development of new specific biological products, of which the technique of bio-fixing (a high technology process where the bacteria are fixed under an active form in microscopic porous support sites).
This pilot microbiologically eliminates carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous pollution. It functions when sewage is put in contact with a bacterial ludge in the presence of oxygen, followed by a phase of separation of the sludge.

Teaching objectives

To obtain the maximum purification output by varying :

  • Volumic and specific load
  • Sludge age
  • Bioflocculate quality
  • Ventilation


  • Dissolved 0²
  • pH
  • Temperature

Technical specifications

  • White polyethylene supply tank with lid and casters.
  • Stainless steel circulator to maintain and stir the substrate.
  • Plexiglass oxidation tank with lid.
  • Rushton variable speed stirrer, with display.
  • Air injection rod.
  • Ceramic diffuser.
  • Air pump.
  • One gas rotameter, one liquid rotameter.
  • Two peristaltic pumps to recycle the sludge and the substrate at variable flow.
  • Plexiglass sedimentation tank.
  • Collection tank for the purified water.
  • Continuous dissolved oxygen measuring probe with transmitter-regulator. The air pump is regulated at this oxygen measurement.
  • Continuous pH measuring probe with its transmitter with two alarms.
  • Temperature probe situated at the bottom of the oxidization tank with display on the switchboard.
  • An immersed heater to maintain the temperature for the micro-organisms.
  • A control cabinet regrouping the start/stop controls for the three pumps, circulator, stirrer. Two sequencing units are supplied to plan the working cycles of these elements. The cabinet includes the oxygen, pH and temperature probe transmitters.
  • The unit is made from PVC and Plexiglass on a stainless steel frame with aluminium nuts.


  • 1 700 x 700 x 2 000 mm.

Essential requirements

  • Power supply : 220 V / single phase / 50 Hz
  • Consumption : less than 1000 W

Recommended products :

  • Activated sludge or enzymes.
  • Characterized substrate.
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