Plate Load Test Apparatus

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Product Code: AT2233

Plate Load Test Apparatus Manufacturer

These test machine isused to estimate the bearing capacity of a soil under field loading conditions for a specific loading plate and depth of embedment (ASTM) , and also for load tests of soil and flexible pavement components in evaluation and design of airport and highway pavements . We propose a complete range of plate load testing equipment conforming to the different standards.

The instrument  facility to determine the coefficient data for coarse, fine grained soil and roadbed, road foundation layer after soil compaction can also be used to calculate the deformation modulus of uniform foundation.

Technical Specifications :

  • Diameter of load plate : 300 mm, 2 range of jack load : 0-5T
  • Stroke of jack : 120 mm
  • Span of measuring the bridge : 3000 mm
  • Rated pressure hand pump : 70MPa
  • Pressure test range : 0-25MPa
  • Displacement measurement range : 0-10 mm
  • Working temperature : 5-40ºC
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