Automatic Asphalt Content Tester

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Automatic Asphalt Content Tester

Product Code: CM-002

Automatic Asphalt Content Tester Manufacturer

The Automatic Asphalt Content Tester to provide highly accurate measurements of bitumen content in asphalt mix using Ignition method.

4000g sample capacity, integrated +0.1gm accuracy weighing scale, High temperature ceramic filtration system and afterburner for accurate measurement of bitumen content in asphalt mixes. Automatic operation through user defined automatic end point detection and 24 hour start timer. User defined control of furnace chamber temperature from 200 – 650oC, Digital display and printing of test data through bright LED displays and integrated printer, Software activated mechanical door lock to prevent door from opening during test process and cutting off power from the heating elements upon opening the door. Operates on Single Phase, 220V, 50 Hz, 20 Amp and consumes less than 5000 W.

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