Standard Penetration Test Apparatus

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Standard Penetration Test Apparatus

Product Code: AT2234

Standard Penetration Test Apparatus Manufacturer

Features :            

  • Standard Penetration Tester.
  • Portable Penetrometer is used to determine the frequency of layering penetration of foundation. It can be used
  • To determine the allowable bearing capacity of normal cohesive soil and plain fill based on the tested hammer
  • bash No. (N10)  Suitable for substantial field working, is more economical and convenient than large type ones

Technical Specifications :

  • Penetration force : 900 ~ 1100 N
  • Resolution : 1 N
  • Penetration Needle : 100 mm2, 500m2, 200mm2
  • Control system : Fully digital
  • Display system : LCD / LED
  • Power Supply : 220 ~ 240 V AC, 50-60Hz
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