Hamburg Wheel-Tracking Tester

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Hamburg Wheel-Tracking Tester

Product Code: CM-005

Hamburg Wheel-Tracking Tester Manufacturer

The Hamburg Wheel-Tracking Tester is used to test submerged, compacted Hot Mix or Warm Mix Asphalt specimens as per standard.The device consists of a reciprocating wheel that is rolled over the specimens while measuring the rate of permanent deformation.

A constant load of 705 N ±4.5 N is applied to the specimens with a sinusoidal wheel speed of 1 ft/sec in a constant temperature controlled water bath up to 70 °C (± 1.0 °C). An LVDT jig is used for continuous measurement of permanent deformation along the path of the rolling wheel.

Accommodates cylindrical or slab specimens
Software for automatic determination of Stripping inflection PointNumber of passes to SIP, number of passes to failure and other calculated parameters
Stainless steel construction with temperature controlled water bath up to 70ºC

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