Water Level Control Bench

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Water Level Control Bench Manufacturer

Water Level Control Bench

Teaching objectives

  • Study of a level control loop (1st range)
  • Study of the static answer
  • Identification in open loop and closed-loop mode
  • Calibration of a level sensor
  • Disturbance of the set point.

Technical specifications

  • A tank in PVC
  • A column in altuglas, height 1300 mm
  • A stainless steel centrifugal pump
  • A controller :
  • universal entry: mV, V, my, T/L dual display measure/instruction
  • Algorithm control : P, PI, PID, Tautoadaptatif.
  • A converter P/I
  • A differential pressure sensor, 0-100 mbar,
  • A set of manual valves
  • Filter regulator
  • A flow meter
  • A control cabinet
  • Floor mounted bench with stainless steel frame and aluminium nuts
  • Shunt for the measure of the output power of the regulator and the signal of the pneumatic valve with the help of secured plugs for connecting recorder or other devices.

Options :

  • Data acquisition module ref MAC composed with :
  • A regulator with a RS485 communication card. In this case the reference number of the equipment equipped with the regulator with card become.
  • A converter RS485/RS232
  • A data acquisition software under Windows allowing :
  • Reading PID parameters.
  • The drawing of the curves.
  • The remote control of the regulator parameters.
  • The storage of the value.
  • PC computer type Pentium IV


  • 1 700 x 1 500 x 600 mm.

Essential requirements

  • Power supply : 380 V three phases – 50 Hz – 0.25 kW (other voltages on inquiry)
  • Compressed Air supply: 6 NL/h – 6 bars (not supply as standard)
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