Air Pressure Control Bench

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Air Pressure Control Bench Manufacturer

Air Pressure Control Bench

Teaching objectives

  • Study of air pressure control
  • Study of a closed loop.
  • Setting of a PID controller.
  • Balancing the pressure of an air tank subjected to disturbances by air injection through a solenoid valve.

Technical specifications

  • A tank under pressure , 4 bars maxi
  • A proportional pneumatic valve
  • 1 manometer 0-10 bars
  • 1 disturbance valve with micrometric setting
  • 1 setting valve 12 bars
  • Universal input controller, output 4/20 mA, control algorithm P, PI,PID, PD+, MR. Automatic or manual operation – autoadaptive
  • A pressure sensor, output 4-20 mA, 0-10 bars.
  • Supplied with technical documentation

Options :

  • Data acquisition module ref MAC composed with :
  • A regulator with a RS485 communication card. In this case the reference number of the equipment equipped with the regulator with card become.
  • A converter RS485/RS232
  • A data acquisition software under Windows allowing :
  • Reading PID parameters,
  • The drawing of the curves,
  • The remote control of the regulator parameters.
  • The storage of the values.
  • PC computer type Pentium IV


  • 1 700 x 1 200 x 600 mm.

Essential requirements

  • Power supply : 220 V mono 50 Hz
  • Air supply : 4 bars


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