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Product Code: AEMM006

Water Temperature Control Bench Hydrotherm Manufacturer

Teaching objectives

The bench is designed to be self-contained and only need an electrical power supply.

It allows to study an important number of subjects:

Temperature Sensor

  • Sensor performance (answer time, linearity, hysteresis).
  • Justification about to use a continuous current power generator.
  • Justification of the wiring with 3 wires.

Energy Modulation

  • Functioning principle of the modulators.
  • Problem of peak intensity during the starting.
  • Modulators performance: Static power unit, Wave train dimmer.
  • Functioning cycle, life time

Determination Of The Heating Power

  • Calculation of the heating power.
  • Observation of the temperature influence when bringing a cold piece.
  • Experimental determination of the heat loss coefficient.
  • Temperature distribution in the bench.
  • Influence of the water level
  • Temperature Control.
  • Automatic control methods.
  • Adjustment by discontinuous actions.
  • Controller P.
  • Controller PI.
  • Controller PID.
  • Controller PID self adaptative.
  • Process answer.
  • Temporal analysis.
  • Influence of the setting, the mass of water, the disturbance.

Technical specifications

Operative Part:

The bench is made out of an aluminium frame on castors including:

  • A 25 litres tank.
  • An immersed electrical heater.
  • A temperature sensor.
  • A ” low level” sensor.
  • A security thermostat.
  • A stainless steel body centrifugal circulation pump.

OPTION: Data acquisition system

The data acquisition system is proposed in option. It is made out of a data acquisition card to place into a PC computer and a software functioning under Windows®. This software allow to visualize the sizes in real time and to record them. The card is linked to the bench by the help of a plug on the front side of the electrical cabinet door.

Control Part:

An electric cabinet including:

  • The power supply and safety devices of the installation: circuit breaker, contactor, fuses, transformer.
  • The heating controller: 1 power unit by train of waves.
  • A dimmer (in option) can be connected on the side of the cabinet (the use of another dimmer that the one proposed in option is possible on special enquiry).
  • A converter for the Pt 100 probe.
  • The control components.
  • A PID controller auto adaptive.
  • A thermostat.
  • The controller and the thermostat are integrated in a synoptic on the front side of the cabinet. The synoptic, also include various measuring points permitting the study of the control loop.

Dimensions and weight

  • 1150 x 670 x 1470 mm – 98 kg

Essential requirements

  • Electrical power supply: single phase 230 V+T 16A
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