Flow Level Pressure Temperature Control Bench

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Flow Level Pressure Temperature Control Bench Manufacturer

Flow Level Pressure Temperature Control Bench

  • Control of water levels in loop.
  • Control of water flow by winnowing.
  • Control of water pressure by winnowing.
  • Control of water temperature, (piloting resistive charges per static power unit).
  • Control of water temperature with cascade on the flow.

Teaching objectives

  • Study of the closed loop syste.
  • Stability conditions.
  • Response to a level instruction.
  • Influence of the parameters of control and the algorithm setting (TOR, P, PI, or PID) on the results.
  • Study of an open loop system.
  • Study of the characteristic curves of the system.
  • Study of a cascade control system

Technical specifications

  • A supply tank of 50 liters out of PVC, with taping and overflow.
  • A Altuglass column high 1200 mm, diam. 200 mm with overflow and drain tap.
  • A centrifugal pump, 380 V three phases.
  • A master regulator with universal input, output 4-20 mA and a slave regulator, regulation algorithm P, PI, PID, PD + MR. function auto/manual – auto-adaptative with double display measure/instruction.
  • Proportional pneumatic valve, with positioning.
  • I/P Converter.
  • Pressure control by pressure transmitter (output 4-20 mA).
  • Electronic flowmeter (output 4-20 mA).
  • 4 rotary flowmeters with tap.
  • Level measurement by pressure transmitter (4-20 mA) placed at the bottom of an Altuglass water column with overflow and drain valve.
  • Immersion heater with thermostat.
  • 2 temperature probes Pt 100 ohms with transmitter 4/20 mA.
  • An electric cabinet including: the regulators, the protection of the pump and its command Wiring of the closed loop thanks safe jacks and wires.
  • Mounted on a stainless steel frame with aluminium nut.
  • 5 Process are possible.
  • 1 – level control.
  • Actuator : pneumatic valve.
  • Sensor : pressure transmitter.
  • Disruption : leak on the pipe , leak under the column.
  • 2 – Flow control.
  • Actuator : pneumatic valve.
  • Sensor : Electronic flowmeter.
  • Disruption : leak on the pipe

3 – Pressure control

  • Actuator: pneumatic valve.
  • Sensor: pressure transmitter.
  • Disruption: leak on the pipe.

4 – Temperature control

  • Actuator: immersion heater.
  • Sensor: temperature probe.
  • Disruption: by provision of cold water.

5 – regulation cascades of temperature/débit.

  • Actuator: pneumatic valve.
  • Sensor: temperature probe at the output of the heater and electronic flowmeter.
  • Disruption: leak on the pipe, variation of the heater’s power

Dimensions and weight

  • 1500 x 800 x 2100 mm.
  • Weight: about 150 kg.

Essential requirements

  • Electric power supply: 7 kW 380 V triphase.
  • Compressed air: 6Nl/h, 6 bars.

Services nécessaires

  • Consommation 0,37 kW – 220 V monophasé.
  • Documentation pédagogique et technique.
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