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Pumping Plant

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Pumping Plant

The pumping plant trainer is a small scale unit of a real water distribution network of a small city and the neighboring country which is supplied by a water storage tank.
This is a very interesting system because of the variable number of users, of the very important fluctuations of water reserves captured notably during summer, of an important reserve of water because the installed power of the system cannot provide to this important flow demand during these periods.

The equipment simulates the pumping plant including :
– A well in link with the ground water
– A buffer tank
– A water tower.

Rough description of the functioning :
A sinking pump pumps in the groundwater and fill a buffer tank.
Three pumps take this water and fill a water tower.
Three solenoid valves placed on the water tower simulates the household consumption with water return to the cover.

Technical specifications
A/ Operative part :
Mobile frame including :
– 1 water catchments well (tank in PVC),
– 1 retention pool (transparent tank),
– 1 water tower (transparent reservoir, capacity),
– 1 water tower (centrifugal pump made of stainless steel, flow 5 m3/h; 0,75 kW),
– 3 pumps (centrifugal pumps in stainless steel flow 1,5 m3/h; 0,37 kW),
– 1 analogical flow sensor and a manometer on the circuit of the exhaust group, – 5 TOR level sensors,
– 1 analogical level sensor,
– 3 solenoid valves

B/ Control part:
An electric cabinet including :
– A programmable PLC  with TOR analog inputs and outputs, a block of PID control, 2 communication interfaces,
– A interactive terminal desk with display lines, 20 characters, communication with the PLC on the serial line, protocol UNI-TELWAY, keyboard with 12 function keys, 10 service keys and 12 digital keys. Programming made on several application pages and alarms pages,
– A digital frequency speed driver,
– The mains power supply and safety devices of the installation.

Essential requirements
– 3 x 380 V 50 Hz – 16 TO,
– Water from network

Dimensions and weight
– Length: 1800 mm,
– Depth: 700 mm,
– Height: 2000 mm,
– Mass: 218 kg.

This screen displays the Grafcet program of the automatic cycle of the tank as well as a chronogram with the logical states of the pumps, solenoid valves and level detectors of the tank.

The present alarms are displayed as list and must be confirmed by the operator.
This screen also permits to consult the history of the alarms and events.


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