Trainer Tubular Heat Exchanger

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Trainer Tubular Heat Exchanger

Product Code: APLM001

Trainer Tubular Heat Exchanger Manufacturer

  1. Trainer with a tubular heat exchanger
  2. Closed hot water circuit, insulated with pump
  3. and heater with thermostat
  4. Copper piping
  5. Ball valves in the cold water circuit to select the operation mode parallel flow or counter flow
  6. Temperature measurement with 6 sensors
  7. Flow rate measurement with sensor

Technical Data


  1. power consumption: 70W
  2. max. flow rate: 3800L/h
  3. max. head: 4m
  4. Heater: 2kW, with thermostat: 0…80°C

Heat Transfer Areas

  1. hot side: 30159mm²
  2. cold side: 40212mm²
  3. mean transfer area: 34945mm²
  4. Tank: 20L

Measuring Ranges

  1. temperature: 0…200°C
  2. flow rate: 0…720L/h
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