Heat Transfer Bench Apparatus

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Heat Transfer Bench

Product Code: APLM004

Heat Transfer Bench Apparatus Manufacturer

  1. Convective heat transfer
  2. Exchangeable pipe bundle as heat exchanger
  3. 2 heaters can be inserted in a bundle or alone
  4. Airflow rate adjustable
  5. Tube and pressure measurement station to determine air velocity
  6. Display and control unit indicates air temperature, heater temperature and heating capacity

Technical Data


  1. cross-section: 150x150mm
  2. length: 1540mm


  1. power: 1,5kW
  2. max. flow rate: 2160m³/h

Pipe bundle

  1. 23 pipes (D=10mm)
  2. 23 pipes (D=13mm)

2 Heaters

  1. power: 1x220W (D=10mm)
  2. power: 1x250W (D=13mm)
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