Slip Ring Induction Motor

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Slip Ring Induction Motor

Product Code: ELT003

Slip Ring Induction Motor Manufacturer

Our clients can avail durable and low energy consumption quality Slip Ring Induction Motors in accordance with their specifications at economic prices. These types of motors are almost same as normal induction motors. Our induction motors are used in chemical, engineering, pharmaceutical and textiles industries applications. To manufacture these motors, we use advanced technology and expert engineers ensuring the long lasting operations and maximum client’s satisfactions.  These motors are appreciated for their noise less performance, low maintenance, easy to handle, compact designs, and other features widely.


  • MS Frame superior quality caste iron used to make the outer
  • Hydraulically pressed best quality silicon stamping stator.
  • Both rotor and stator are winded with high quality copper conductor
  • Dynamic balanced slanted rotor used for the low noise
  • For trouble free and longer life operations large size of bearings are used
  • Field windings and armatures are impregnated with vacuum pressure for the best insulation strength
  • Brake drum and rotor pulley are perfectly balanced
  • Proper fittings of all terminals on terminal box
  • Rings of gun metal slip are used with superior quality carbon bushes
  • In order to have the exact machine readings, the strong base frame with perfect dial type spring and durable performance bolts are used.
  • ISS standards slip rings induction motors
  • Ratings: For 3ph, 415Volts, 50Hz., 2H.P to 7.5HP
  • Starting methods: starter resistance to Rotor with protection of lover load and no volt.
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