Multi Pump Test Bench

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Multi Pump Test Bench Manufacturer

Multi Pump Test Bench

The bench, designed to function in closed circuit constitute a complete experimentation for studying pumps performances and characteristics. It allow studding four different kind of pump technology.
With its feeding tank, it is hydraulically self – contained and only requires an electrical power supply.

The pump speed is controlled by an electronic speed driver with display of speed and power consumption. A complete instrumentation with dial gauges, vacuum gauges and flow meters enable the determination of the hydraulic efficiency and to trace characteristic curves for each of the four pumps.

Teaching objectives
To study 4 different pumps mounted in head.

Determination of pump performance and characteristics :
– Measurement of the total manometric height
according to the flow.
– Measurement of the absorbed electric power
according to flow and pump speed
– Determination of the efficiency of the pumps
– To draw the characteristic pump curves.
To study 4 different pumps technology

Technical specifications
A PVC feed tank with draining valve
1 horizontal centrifugal pump (maximum pressure 5 m of water column, 7 m3/h maximum flow)
1 axial pump (maximum pressure 60 m of water column, 4.4 m3/h maximum flow)
1 piston pump (maximum pressure 60 m of water column, 1.8 m3/h maximum flow)
1 turbine pump (maximum pressure 58 m of water column, 7 m3/h maximum flow)
1 speed driver with speed display. This one also displays frequency, power consumption, current and voltage of each of the 4 pumps. A switch selects the couple speed driver / pump.
Two float flow meters (300 – 3000 l/h and 1000 – 10 000 l/h) with 2 membrane valves to adjust the flow
3 dial gages (dia.100 mm), 1 for suction (-1, 0 bar) and 2 for discharge (0-10 bar, 0-0.6 bar)
An electrical cabinet to control the pumps, speed driver and its display, emergency stop button, switches and security devices
Stainless steel frame with aluminium nuts

Piping and valves are made of PVC

A technical manual
Essential requirements
– Electric power supply: 220 V – 50 Hz single phase – 2.2 kW
– Dimensions (L x w x h) : 2040 x 1090 x 2000 mm
– Weight: 320 kg


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