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Industrial Flow Meters Trainer Manufacturer

Industrial Flow Meters Trainer

  • Principle Teaching Objectives
  • Study of the implantation of the sensors.
  • Calibration of the sensors.
  • Determination of the characteristic curves of the sensors and their accuracy.


A centrifugal pump suck-up a non compressible fluid (water) from a buffer tank; this fluid flow via an adjusting membrane valve and a rotameter on two pipes on which are mounted different flow sensors: an electromagnetic flowmeter, a vortex flowmeter, a turbine flowmeter on one hand, and a venturi and a diaphragm on the other hand (this two devices are linked to a differential pressure sensor). The fluid flow in a closed loop and return to the buffer tank.

Technical specifications

  • A centrifugal pump
  • A PVC tank
  • A speed driver allowing

Flow meters

  • 1 Venturi in Altuglass
  • 1 Diaphragm in Altuglass
  • 2 manometers in U and a differential pressure sensor
  • 1 Rotameter
  • 1 Electromagnetic flowmeter
  • A tension is applied to the fluid that is captured by two electrodes and informs a converter of the fluid speed.
  • 1 vortex flowmeter
  • 1 turbine flowmeter
  • A turbine with blades in plastic turns in relation with the flow around a shaft. A magnet transmits this rotation to a Hall sensor mounted outside of the case. Electronics linked to the sensor transforms the frequency in instantaneous flow.
  • The bench is presented on a stainless steel frame with aluminium nuts. The piping are made of PVC.
  • The control cabinet include the control and the safety protection of the pump, as well as the speed driver and the power supply for all transmitters.
  • The electronics of each flowmeter is local (on the flowmeter), the display of the pressure sensor is deported on the electrical cabinet.

Options :

  • We can propose on inquiry other flow meters configurations:
  • Option 1 : Ultrasonic flowmeter
  • Option 2 : Mass flowmeter

Essential requirements

  • Power supply : 220 V mono 50 Hz – Power 0.37 kW
  • Clean water : 4 bar, 20°C, for the tank filling


  • (L x w x h) : 2300 * 650 * 1800 mm

Last Updated on: 8th Nov 2014

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