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We stoke the entire range of Microscopes. Atico Export provides the best quality microscopes following the other services like safety, reliability and long lasting.

Our range of best microscopes includes Compound, Stereo, Homeschool and Digital Microscopes etc. The entire list is mentioned below:

  • Binocular
  • Elementary
  • Fluorescence
  • Laboratory
  • Metallurgical
  • Microscope Accessories
  • Projection
  • Research
  • Stereo
  • Student
  • Telescope

Our brand Atico, labeled for all microscopes is most popular brand worldwide.

Binocular Microscope:

Binocular Microscope is used to view the tissues and observed the cells. It has two eye lenses. Its vast majority of Units are being sold in the 30 world wide countries.

Stereo microscopes:

It displays the three dimensional stereo images. This product is available to sell in bulk.


For this type of Microscope you can contact us or email us at Projection Microscope is the available in best quality at our Atico House.

Research Microscope:

Clients, who are willing to get Research Microscope for their Research Lab, We have bulk for the supreme quality of the same.


It collects the light and uses the cameras to record sights. It is composed of superior quality lenses and mirrors. These types of Microscopes are used to collect information on the stars, sun and supernovas.

Microscope Manufacturer:

If you are looking for the best quality Lab Microscopes then contact us. Being a best manufacturer, we supply bulk in Microscopes.

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