Binocular Microscopes

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Binocular Microscopes

Product Code: AEMC052

Binocular Microscopes Manufacturer

Binocular Microscope is the microscope which refers to compound or high power Microscopes. It is the microscope which has two eyepieces and one objective lens.

  1. Body-Inter changeable,
  2. Inclined Binocular body,
  3. 360º rotatable head
  4. Eyepieces- 10 X wide angle anti fungus field eyepiece.
  5. Optical system-Infinity corrected
  6. Sub stage-Abbe condenser focusable, continuously variable iris diaphragm
  7. Illuminator
  8. A durable textured, acid resistant finish.

All aluminum pressure diecasted body.

Paint –
P.U. coating in light cream shade.

Nose piece
Reverse type ultra Quadruple ball bearing nosepiece.

Binocular head
360* rotate able and 45* inclined head with all anti-fungus coated prisms.

Focusing system
fine Co-axial focusing system with three planetary gears assb. With slide protection lock.

Mechanical stage
Cxl Ball bearing double layer mechanical stage for smooth functioning.

Condenser –
Condenser Bright field sub stage condenser having 1.2 N.A.

4x, 10x, 40x, and 100x and a paired set of 10x wide field eyepieces.
Eye piece
WF-10X (20mm)

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