Stereoscopic Microscope

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Stereoscopic Microscope

Product Code: SM-003

Stereoscopic Microscope Manufacturer

Stereoscopic Microscope


Flat sharp image erect and unreversed, wide field eye piece
Para focal from High to Low power quick changing pair interchangeable sliding motion
Long working distance and large field of view
Binocular tubes inclined at 45 degree adjustable interpupillary distance
Direct measurement on specimen with optional eye pieces
Sturdy Rack and pinion for focusing
Interchangeable white/transparent stage plate
With built-in transmitted light base with transformers
Sliding Objectives: 2x and 4x OR 3x and 5x
Eye Piece: W.F.10x OR W.F 15x
Magnifications: 20x to 60x OR 30x to 75x

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