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We are a popular Physics Lab Equipment Manufacturer and offer the best services for the clientele specifications. We export all kind of scientific consignments that cater client’s standard and requirements.

Ultimate and surpassing instruments are the trade mark of our company under the brand name Atico. Our unparalleled products are dispatched to Educational institutions and research centers.

We have a huge number of contenders who are fully satisfied and found our equipment that meet the international quality standards.
Atico Export is the supplier and full-service solution provider of Physics Lab Equipment. We have motto to deliver our products around the world.
Our broad range which is delivering by Atico Export is: Rectilinear Propagation Tube, Miniature Landform Models Set, Simple Form Capacitor and many more. We know the customer satisfactory terms so we made our instruments based on their requirements. We dispatched the required material within the short period.

Educational models of physics labs:

If you are searching for the educational models of physics labs manufacturer and suppliers then, Atico Export is a best option for you because we have a wide range of variety of science and educational lab instruments, with best quality. With our brand of physics lab equipment we have a wide range of experimental and working models on a satisfied cost.
Always we trying to enhance the quality of our products, so that, we can satisfy our customers globally with the ethical policies and best product. This brand is famous worldwide across the 30 countries. So if you also want to be added in our satisfied customers range, so, you can order any kind of Educational models of physics labs and we assure you to provide a better product with pleased range.

Please give us a call at +91 9896793832 or send us your enquiry here.

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If you are a college or university looking to setup a complete lab. Please contact us with your details for custom quotation.

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