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Product Code: 1.06.01/ATICO75602

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This apparatus consists of a Flow channel. Channel is fabricated from transparent Toughened Glass and Stainless Steel together. The equipment is designed to study the various phenomenon of flow with the help of various types of blocks, gates, weirs, and other many types of accessories

The channel section is transparent by which user can observe the various flow patterns of fluid in the channel and photographs can be taken. These glass panels are sealed with the stainless steel bed. This channel is floor mounted. Instrument rail is provided along the entire working length of the flume. A scale is provided along with the rail. A pointer gauge is provided to measure the depth of flow that can move on the rail. This gate maintains the operating water levels for the flume. This flume is tilted using a jacking system which has one jack. An arrangement has been done to calculate the slop of channel. The flow channel is self-contained re-circulating unit provided with sump tank, centrifugal pump, and control valve. Water is circulated through the channel by centrifugal pump. The pump draws water from sump tank to inlet tank of flume and return back to sump after passing through the channel.

Technical Details :
 Flow Channel

Material                 :           Toughened Glass and Stainless Steel

Width                     :           78mm

Depth                    :           110mm

Length                   :           1.55 m

Water Circulation :           Centrifugal Pump, compatible capacity.
Flow Regulation Valve :    Hand wheel operated butterfly Valve, different fixed flow rates
Tilting Slope          :           0-10% max.
Pointer Gauge       :           Provided.
Sediment Size       :           0.1 to 0.3 mm approx.
Sump Tank                       :           Suitable Capacity
Tanks will be made of Stainless Steel
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