Wind Energy Generation Trainer

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Wind Energy Generation Trainer

Product Code: AT 8030

Wind Energy Generation Trainer Manufacturer

Features :

  • Designed to allow indoor experiments for the principle of Wind Power Generation
  • The system Is composed of blower, blade, load module, wind speed meter, DC/AC
  • inverter, battery & quick charger
  • Load & inverter modules are contained in a steel enclosure for safety purpose
  • Blade support frame is provided to endure the wind pressure when wind is applied
  • to the blade by the blower
  • Real time wind speed measurement using a wind speed meter
  • The load module is equipped with an LCD for real-time checking of blade RPM
  • The DC/AC inverter module is equipped with an LCD to check voltage and current
  • Practice facility for power conversion and measurement of circuit characteristics

        Contents :

  • Introduction to wind power generation
  • Configuration & structure of wind power generation
  • Understanding wind power generator
  • Measuring power generation vs. wind speed
  • Measuring power generation vs. number of blades
  • Measuring power generation vs. blade angle
  • Measuring rpm vs. load
  • Measuring energy generation and energy conversion
  • Power conversion experiment using DC/AC converter
  • PWM generator manufacturing practice
  • Boost (Set Up) type manufacturing practice
  • Buck ( Step Down) type manufacturing practice
  • Buck-Boost (Step Up /Down) type manufacturing practice
  • CUK (Step Down) type manufacturing practice
  • Trends & forecast of wind power generation

        Functions :

  • Measuring energy vs. number of blades
  • Measuring energy vs. blade angle
  • Measuring energy vs. the speed of blower
  • Measuring blade rpm vs. load
  • Power conversion circuit

       Specifications :

  • Blower : Rated voltage : 220V,
  • Power consumption : 1060 W
  • Diameter : 0.5m
  • Voltage regulator : 220V AC, single phase
  • Blade : Rotation diameter : 0.7m,
  • Blade : 12 ea, support frame
  • Generator : AFPM generator,
  • Output : 500W, 500 rpm
  • Load module : 200V / 50W halogen lamp 5 ea,
  • LCD (rpm display)
  • DC/AC converter : Input : 80V~150V,
  • Output voltage : 220V AC, LCD
  • AC load : AC lamp,
  • Fan 220V AC / 12 W
  • Battery : Rated output voltage : 12V / 12AH
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