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Basic Antenna Trainer is basically a tool for different experiments in the laboratory for students. It is widely used in understanding the working of different Antennas in UHF-Microwave. Firstly, the trainer is rotated 3600 and after that we can monitor the strength of signal on the receiver.

It is available with a polar plotting software which is used to save the readings manually. This trainer has the two tripods which are used for mounting the transmitting antenna and for mounting the receiving antenna and relevant accessories/ cables etc.

Basic Description:

Network Analyser RF Transmitter & Receiver
Frequency 86 – 860 MHz PLL synthesized
Step Size 0.05, 0.1, 0.25, 0.5, 1, 10, 100 Mhz
Accuracy 0.01%
Display 16X2 Backlit LCD
Functions Menu, Enter, Escape, Up & Down
Memory Location 1000 individual frequencies and level can be stored/recalled
Output Impedance 50 Ohms
RF Level 90 dBuVTypical
Measurement RF level in dBuV with 0.1dB resolution
Dynamic Range 60 dB Log
Manual Mode Data logging for antenna gain & polar/cartesian plot
USB interface Easy connectivity to PC using polar pattern plotting software
Power Supply 230V @ 50 Hz


  • Dipole L/2
  • Dipole L/4
  • Dipole 3L/2
  • Folded Dipole
  • Yagi Uda (3E)
  • Yagi Uda (4E)
  • Ground Plane with Reflector & Director
  • Endfire (Phase Array L/2)
  • Square Loop
  • Zepplin/ Horizontal End Feed
  • Broadside Array L/2


  • Variation of field strength with distance
  • Plot radiation pattern of omni directional antenna
  • Plot radiation pattern of directional antenna
  • Polarization of vertical and horizontal antenna
  • Study resonant and non resonant antenna
  • Demonstrate reciprocity theorem of antennas
  • Study current distribution along the element of antenna
  • Study different antennas polar plots, radiation patterns, gain, beam width, front back ratio
  • Comparison of different antennas

Other Accessories

  • RF Transmitter Tripod & Receiver Tripod
  • Experimental Manual
  • Antenna Plotting Software CD
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