Volumetric Measuring Machine

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Product Code: AEMT005

Volumetric Measuring Machine Manufacturer

  • Volumes to measure between 25 to 250 ml.
  • Compressed air functioning.
  • Non-oxidizing design.
  • Stainless steel supply tank
  • Adjusted cylinder
  • Piston auto centred assuring a minimum wear of the PTFE joint
  • Double effect exhaust valve, fast disassembly
  • Large suction capacity
  • Very precise volumes setting by the help of a direct reading numbering device (0,135 ml by number)
  • Setting of the suction and delivery speeds by graduated flow limiters
  • Control by start/stop switch or by pedal
  • Fast disassembly of all organs in contact with the product
  • Suction / exhaust fittings.
  • Appropriate spout according to the product to measure
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