Vicat Apparatus

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Vicat Apparatus

Product Code: AT2213

Vicat Apparatus Manufacturer

Features : 

  • Meet GB/T1346, ASTM C187, ISO 9597
  • The apparatus is used to determine water content requirement of normal cement consistency, setting time and the soundness of Portland cement
  • For Determination Of Normal Consistency Of Hydraulic Cement, Gypsum Plaster And Lime Setting Time Of Cement, Gypsum Plaster And Gypsum Concrete

Technical Specifications :

  • Complete with one each of mould, glass plate, Initial needle, final needle and consistency plunger. Sturdy steel Base plate, adjustable height main axis.
  • A Frame With A Vertically Moving Bearing Rod
  • Mould In The Form Of Frustum Of A Cone 70 Mm Bottom Dia.
  • 60 Mm Top Dia. And 40 Mm High With Base Plate
  • Needle 1 Mm Dia. X 50 Mm Long
  • Plunger 10 Mm Dia. X 50 Mm Long
  • Plunger 19 Mm Dia. X 44.4 Mm Long
  • Plunger 12.5 Mm Dia. X 25 Mm Long
  • One Brass Weight
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