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Product Code: ATFE010

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This apparatus allows concentration under vacuum conditions of food and biological products :

  • Apple juice concentration.
  • Concentrated sugared milk manufacturing.
  • Tomato sauce concentration.
  • Fermented musts concentration.

Teaching objectives

  • To establish material balance on the evaporator.
  • To establish energy balance on the condenser.
  • To study the pressure influence and the agitation speed on evaporation time.
  • To study the pressure influence on the boiling point temperature of the product.
  • To calculate the conduction heat transfer coefficients in agitated tank.To calculate Reynolds number of the agitator.
  • To calculate Reynolds number of the agitator.

Technical specifications

A platform-mounted laboratory model with wheels made of :

  • A tank equipped with a soldered and sealed double jacket containing the product.
  • Material: stainless steel 304L.
  • Surface state: grain 320 (inner) grain 220 (outer).
  • A variable-speed scraping agitator with setting potentiometer.
  • An anchor with variable speed motor power 0,75 kW.
  • Tank displacement by manual jack.
  • Tank rotation around an axis for washing after treatment of difficult products.
  • Safety sensor indicating tank presence before starting the agitator.

The tank includes :

  • 1 Pt100 temperature probe.
  • 1 exhaust ball valve.
  • 1 funnel for product introduction.
  • 1 glass observation window on the top of the tank.
  • 4 fittings, safety valve, control manometer.
  • 1 vacuum control valve, connection of the vacuum unit.
  • 1 plunging cane mounted on SMS plug for sampling

The double wall circuit is made of :

  • 2 threaded fittings (20/27).
  • 1 Pt100 probe for the double jacket input temperature.

The safety control panel includes :

  • Observation window with lighting.
  • Cover opening and lifting control.
  • Agitator control, speed control with display.
  • Vacuum pump control and protection.
  • Heating unit safety device


  • 1000 x 1000 x 1900 mm.

Essential requirements

  • This apparatus needs the vacuum generator unit and the heating unit.
  • Total consumption with and : 7 kW.
  • Power supply: 380 V (3P + Gr + N).
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