Unsteady State Heat Transfer

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Unsteady State Heat Transfer

Product Code: AEHT041A

Unsteady State Heat Transfer Manufacturer

Unsteady State Heat Transfer


• A small-scale accessory designed to allow exercises to be performed in unsteady state heat transfer.

• Comprises an electrically heated water bath, variable speed recirculation pump, set of solid thermal shapes and a shape holder.

• The shapes supplied comprise a rectangular slab, long cylinder and sphere. Two of each shape are supplied, manufactured from brass and stainless steel. Each shape is instrumented with a thermocouple at the centre of each shape. • Analytical transient-temperature/heat flow charts are supplied for each of the shapes.

• The water bath is 3kW. The water bath includes an integral flow duct and a thermocouple to measure the water temperature.

• The circulating pump ensures that hot water flows past the solid shape under evaluation at constant velocity during the test. It is a variable speed DC pump.

• The accessory is mounted on a PVC baseplate which is designed to stand on the bench top and connect to the Heat Transfer Service Unit without the need for tools.

• A comprehensive instruction manual is supplied.


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