Temperature Measurement Test Bench

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Product Code: ATPM002

Temperature Measurement Test Bench Manufacturer

Temperature Measurement Test Bench

Teaching objectives

It is possible to study problems associated with cold junction temperature compensation, electronic temperature control, and contact thermometry.

Technical specifications

  • Work bench with electrical sockets and storage compartments.
  • Electric muffle furnace.
  • Thermostatically controlled water bath, with agitator and resistance heater controlled by contact thermometer.
  • Two thermos flasks for ice.
  • Control and measurement cabinet with temperature controller and indicators including:
  • 1 digital millivolmeter.
  • 1 six way selector.
  • 1 digital temperature indicator for platinum resistance probe.
  • 1 digital temperature indicator for thermistor.
  • 1 digital temperature indicator for the furnace.
  • 1 temperature controller for the furnace.
  • Set of temperature probes, thermistors, platinum-resistances and thermocouples:
  • 1 thermistor probe for liquids.
  • 1 platinum resistance probe ( PT 100).
  • 1 thermocouple K (nickel, chrome / nickel-aluminium).
  • 1 thermocouple J (iron/copper/nickel).
  • 1 thermocouple S (platinum-10% rhodium/platinum)

Dimensions and weight

  • 175 x 80 x 110 mm, 80 kg

Essential requirements

  • Electricity : 220/240 volt, 50 Hz. Other voltages on request
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