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Product Code: ATFE011

Sterilization Manufacturer

Thermal treatment at high temperature by water vapour injection.

Destruction of micro-organisms by chemical actions

  • To fight against microbes activity (refrigeration, freezing, acidity modification, actions on water).
  • To protect food by an efficient treatment.

Teaching objectives

  • Sterilization of jars, boxes or food products packed in bags.
  • Study of a product sterilizating value.

Temperature evolution during sterilization.

Technical specifications

  • 2 safety valves.
  • 1 purging valve (20/27).
  • 1 manometer. -1, + 5 bars (with correspondence in degree).
  • 1 level valve.
  • 1 drain valve.
  • 1 mercury thermometer (scale: 30 to 130°C).
  • 1 recording disc thermometer – 1 turn/24 hr (scale: 30 to 130°C).
  • Stainless steel cylindrical tank.
  • Cover mounted on hinges (3 closings by rotating bolts).
  • Electrical heating by immersion heater (9 kW).
  • Safety for water shortage using an electrode.
  • Fittings connection for probe measuring device setting inside the installation.
  • Fittings connection for cooling device setting under pressure

a – Under pressure cooling equipment:

  • Main water inlet and check valve.
  • Set of selecting valves.
  • For upper water inlet with deflector (glass, box, bag).
  • For lower water outlet (metal boxes).
  • Water outlet and adjustable exhaust valve

b – Back-pressure:

  • Air inlet for back-pressure.
  • Adjustable air pressure regulator with control manometer.
  • Stop valve / check valve

c- Product carrier:

  • In perforated stainless steel with a handling device.
  • Sterilization (heating at 110°C – 140°C during from a few seconds to several minutes) allows total destruction of microbes (including spores). Then storage duration at room temperature is theoretically unlimited.

Essential requirements

  • Power supply: 12 kW – 380 V 3 P + T + N.
  • Water: DN20 / Pressure : 4 bars.
  • Compressed air: DN15 / Pressure: 6 bars.
  • Exhaust / Drainage: DN32 (resistant up to 100°C)
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