Solar Water Heating For Education (2 Differents Panels)

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Solar Water Heating For Education (2 Differents Panels)

Product Code: AHCT002

Solar Water Heating For Education (2 Differents Panels) Manufacturer

The study of a solar system of real size for the production of Private Sanitary Hot Water designed with industrial equipment currently in use :
Identify the component parts of this equipment and analyze the applicability of the technological choices made,
Maintenance and control of the system and implementation of necessary corrective actions, pressure level, anti-freeze protection, primary circuit output
Carry out an overall thermal assessment and analyze the instantaneous and accrued thermal output of different sub-groups
Analyze the influence of the angle and orientation of the cell
Study the technical and economic interest of this method of sanitary hot water production and its environmental impact, calculate the carbon balance of the installation compared to standard electrical water heating
With the evacuated tube panel option, a comparison of two types of cell.


  • The bench comprises:
  • A solar panel on casters
  • Flat solar panel with adjustable angle
  • Total surface 2.57 m²
  • Connections through double-seal self-sealing joints
  • An evacuated tube solar panel installed on casters.
  • Equipped identically to the flat panel.
  • This option enables a comparative study of two types of panels.
  • It is possible to equip the bench with this option at a later time.

Solar Water Heating

  • A storage and distribution module comprising:
  • A 230 litre storage tank
  • A resistor
  • Differential electronic control with LCD display with two temperature sensors, one at the panel input and one at the tank’s solar exchanger.
  • A hydraulic transfer module
  • Two floating flowmeters
  • Three thermometers
  • Isolation valves
  • Quick-release couplings to panels
  • Isolated primary stainless steel connections
  • A cold water circuit flowmeter
  • An anti-freeze injection pump
  • Primary circuit under 3.5 bars of pressure with tank full of anti-freeze fluid
  • A 3-way thermostatic valve on hot water produced
  • Relief valve, water meter and filter on cold water feed
  • A sink with tap

Measurement and control equipment:

  • Differential control
  • 8 sensor inputs (temperature)
  • 1 radiation sensor input
  • 1 impulse input for flowmeter / heatmeter
  • 3 relay output
  • Insolation sensor on the panel connected to the controller
  • Calorie meter on the primary circuit connected to the controller
  • Vbus-USB interface for display and data acquisition on PC

Electricity meter on resistor

  • Temperature and calorie readings are transferred for display and data acquisition on PC
  • Electrical cabinet for controls and power:

This comprises:

  • The buttons and components necessary for safety reasons and the installation’s correct functioning.
  • An electricity meter for the backup resistor.
  • Independent filling station (pump, load cylinder, handling cart).
  • Analysis case comprising:
  • Refractometer for measuring glycol level
  • Lotion for cleaning the refractometer
  • Compass
  • Pressure gauge for checking surge tank
  • Clinometer with compass
  • Pipette for sampling water
  • PH paper
  • Screwdriver for voltage control

Services required

  • Electricity supply: 220 V + Earth
  • Installed power: 4 kW

System dimensions

  • 1000 x 600 x 1800 mm

System weight

  • 120 kg when empty


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