Liquid Limit Apparatus

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Liquid Limit Apparatus

Product Code: AT2281

Liquid Limit Apparatus Manufacturer

Liquid Limit Apparatus


  • The Liquid Limit Apparatus Is Used To Determine The Liquid Limit Of The Soil, To Classify
  • The Soil, And To Provide Soil Consistency And Plastic Index Needed In Design & Construction
  • It Contains A Brass Pan, Used To Accommodate Soil Specimens, A Base Made From Vulcanite,
  • An Impacting Device, A Calculator And A Groove Handler
  • Simple Operation Makes It Very Easy To Handle


  • Electric Motor As Power
  • Falling Frequency Of The Disc. : 120 Hit / Min
  • In Fall Frequency Of The Disc. : 120 Strikes / Min
  • Embedded A Strike Counter
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