Linear Heat Conduction

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Linear Heat Conduction

Product Code: AEHT036A

Linear Heat Conduction Manufacturer

Linear Heat Conduction is part of Heat Transfer Lab Equipment.

  • A small-scale accessory works on the principles of linear heat conduction, and to enable the thermal conductivity of various solid conductors and insulators to be measured.
  • Comprises a heating section, cooling section plus four intermediate section conductor samples and two insulator samples.
  • The heating section, cooling section and one of the intermediate sections are fitted with thermo-couples (eight in total) evenly spread along the length of the assembled conduction path.
  • All sections are insulated to minimize errors due to heat loss.
  • Includes a water pressure regulator and a manual flow control valve.
  • Includes a water pressure regulator, an electronic proportioning solenoid valve to control the cooling water flow rate and a water flow meter.
  • Heater power variable up to 60 Watts.
  • Water flow rate variable up to 1.5l/min.
  • Heating and cooling sections, 25 mm diameter.
  • The accessory is mounted on a PVC base-plate, which is designed to stand on the bench top and connect to the
  • Heat Transfer Service Unit without the need for tools.
  • A comprehensive instruction manual is supplied.


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